Did you know that volunteering makes you happy? 

Welcome to the happiest band of volunteers around and we are so pleased to have you on board. We need a few details to process your information to be a volunteer at this year's Crystal Palace Overground Festival so please do bear with us and fill out this short(ish) form for us! Many thanks CPOF team x
Full name *

Best contact number *

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Postcode *

Please you aged 16 or over and 18 or under? *

Please indicate your age range *

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Do you consider yourself a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/or Transgender (LGBT) community? *

Please can you tell us your ethnic background? *

Please can you tell us your employment status?

Please can you tell us your reason(s) for volunteering *

Please tick all that apply

Please indicate which roles you are interested in *

Please ensure you have read the Volunteer Pack and tick all that apply

Leading up to the festival, could you assist us in distributing flyers/posters in Crystal Palace and surrounding areas, support pre-event logistics? *

Leading up to the festival could you spare 3 hours on a Saturday (dates TBC according to your availability) to help man a volunteer recruitment stall in Crystal Palace?

How many hours would you like to give to the festival? *

This could be spread over a few days of festival week

Please indicate when you would like volunteer during festival week *

Please tick all that apply

Please tell us about any specialist skills you have in relation to festival / event management, working with young people, first aid, health and safety or anything else you feel might be relevant

How did you hear about volunteering at the festival? *

Have you volunteered for the festival in previous years? *

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